Top 5 Android apps you MUST own (if you don’t already!)

Chances are, if you stumbled upon this page via a Google search or were otherwise referred here, you don’t want to waste time with introductions and jump straight to the answer.  So you’ve got your grubby paws on daddy’s magic pastic-card-o-wonder and now you’re wondering what apps to buy from the Google Play Store for your favourite Android handset.  Well fret not for you’ve come to the right place.

So without further foreplay, lets dive in (well – the pun was just lurking there!)

In no specific order:

1 – Titanium Backup – If you’re into the whole custom ROM flashing scene or just like to backup all your apps and app data when flashing a new ROM or even upgrading your firmware after a factory reset, then you will know this app all too well.  Forgot about Google Play downloading all your apps again – with a click of a button, this app does it all for you and you’re soon back up on your feet running and dancing and drop kicking until your next flash!

2 – GotYa! Anti-Theft Protection – The sad part about phone tracking software is that if a thief makes off with your phone, chances are they will switch it off, flash it and then you can pretty much forget about it.  GotYa! Anti-Theft Protection helps you to some extent by sneakily implementing a clever little trick.  Basically, it assumes that prying eyes will try to unlock your phone using common combinations or guess work.  Where it’s brilliant is that upon entering an incorrect password / PIN / Pattern, the application uses your phones’ front camera to take a quick photo of the thief and upload it to your Facebook page or email it to whatever account you configure it with.  It’s simple yet effective and cleverly provides GPS co-ordinates of where the picture was taken.

3 – Lapse It • Time Lapse • Pro – Everyone LOVES time-lapse.  If you don’t believe me then just watch the Codyceps fungi in action here. Lapse It • Time Lapse • Pro allows you to create your own time-lapse videos in good quality and professional looking results.  A must have app for people who love to watch the sunrise or sunset or just generally record your drunken friend in slow-mo climbing up a tree.

4 – Perfectly Clear – This is an excellent image editor with some powerful filters and effects to clean up your camera-phone photos.  By design, camera phones are not equipped to create the kind of output you’d expect from your DSLR or vanilla Point and Shoot camera.  Sure you’ve got all these kick ass phones with 13 mega pixel cameras and HDR and cheese and fries but megapixels aren’t everything! Perfectly Clear applies some clever algorithms to analyse and correct your photos and the results are pretty impressive almost all of the time.  If for some reason you’re not 100% happy with the output, you always have the option to manually tweak stuff.

5 – Swiftkey – The Makron of all keyboards out there! Swype excited us with it’s…well, swiping action but where Swiftkey really scores is it’s predictive text and learning capabilities.  With a wide range of languages to choose from and the fact that the application learns from your SMS, Twitter and Facebook updates, you’re always sure that your keyboard is personalized to your style always.  The new Samsung keyboard on the Galaxy S4 is probably closest to this, but having owned both Swype and Swiftkey, I pick the latter as a clear winner


Coming up next – the Top 5 free applications!! Save you some money, we will!




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